• syn1588® Gbit Switch
  • syn1588® Gbit Switch
  • syn1588® Gbit Switch
  • syn1588® Gbit Switch
  • syn1588® Gbit Switch
  • syn1588® Gbit Switch


Oregano Systems‘ syn1588® Gbit Switch offers the standard 8+1-port 100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet switch function as well as the IEEE1588-2008 Transparent Clock function. It offers an amazing timestamping accuracy while supporting high messages rates simultaneously on all ports.


The syn1588® Gbit Switch is a standard 8-port 100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet switch enhanced by an IEEE1588-2008 End-To-End Transparent Clock function. The unit is equipped with standard RJ45 connectors suited for industrial applications. The 9th port is of SFP type suited for 1000BASE-X/T modules.  The syn1588® Gbit Switch is available in a standard 19″ rack mount case (1 HE).


Performance without compromise

The syn1588® Gbit Switch offers an amazing timestamping accuracy of 2 ns. The purely hardware based IEEE1588 packet processing engine operates non-intrusively supporting more than 256 messages/sec PTP event message rates simultaneously on all ports. Optionally, a high-stability local oscillator will increase the accuracy even further in case of heavily loaded networks with residence times in the millisecond range.


Check out our syn1588® Application Note: Performance Evaluation of Multiple Cascaded syn1588 E2E TC which shows the exceptional performance even if there are more than 10 syn1588® E2E TCs cascaded without deteriorating the synchronization accuracy even if the network is loaded with other traffic in parallel to PTP!

syn1588® Gbit Switch – System Features

  • IEEE1588-2008 end-to-end transparent clock
  • Eight 100/1000 Mbit/s copper ports
  • One uplink port suited for SFP modules
    • 1000BASE-X (fiber) or 1000BASE-T (copper) SFP modules supported
  • 2 ns timestamping accuracy (!)
  • No configuration required – ready to be used
  • High stability oscillator available optionally (OCXO)
  • Manageable via SNMP
  • Purely hardware based (on-the-fly) packet processing of IEEE1588 packets
    • No additional delay for IEEE1588 packet processing on the switch
    • Maximum event rate simultaneously on all ports in parallel
    • Extremely high PTP event message rates supported concurrently on all ports
    • E2E TC engine will ignore P2P packets (pass-through)

syn1588® Gbit Switch – Applications

Application: Distribute highly accurate time in complex networks to IEEE1588 slaves

IEEE1588 nodes (e.g. PCs equipped with the syn1588® PCIe NIC) synchronize their local hardware clock with an accuracy of 10 ns or better to the absolute time information distributed by an IEEE1588 grandmaster over a complex network using the syn1588® Gbit Switch as a transparent clock (TC). This dramatically increases the clock synchronization performance.



syn1588® Gbit Switch acting as an IEEE1588 transparent clock


We demonstrated a clock synchronization accuracy better than 10 ns when cascading 11 syn1588® Gbit Switch devices.

syn1588® Gbit Switch – Technical Information

  • Eight 100/1000 Mbit/s copper ports
  • One uplink port suited for SFP modules
    • 1000BASE-X (fiber) or 1000BASE-T (copper) SFP modules supported
  • High-quality local oscillator option available
    • OCXO
  • 1-step IEEE1588-2008 transparent clock following IEEE1588-2008
  • Processing of VLAN based IEEE1588 packets
  • IPv6 support for IEEE1588 packets
  • Layer 2 support for IEEE1588 packets
  • Remote PTP monitoring and configuration via SNMP (SNMPv2)
  • Internal wide range AC power supply
  • 19″ 1HE rackmount case

syn1588® Quick SNMP Utility

For users who would like to identify syn1588® Gbit Switch units without installing an SNMP client (and the unit specific MIBs), Oregano Systems provides the syn1588® Quick SNMP utility free of charge. The syn1588® Quick SNMP utility allows detecting of syn1588® Gbit Switch devices in a network and reading most frequently required parameters (like link state, IP addresses, firmware versions etc.).

!  syn1588® Gbit Switch– Ordering & Support

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