• syn1588® VIP
  • syn1588® VIP
  • syn1588® VIP
  • syn1588® VIP
  • syn1588® VIP


The syn1588® VIP Evaluation Board is a highly integrated single-chip IEEE1588 solution. Just connect the syn1588® VIP to the Ethernet network and receive highly accurate synchronized time or frequency.


The syn1588® VIP Evaluation Board is intended as test platform to verify the syn1588® technology - both IP core/hardware and software - in an embedded environment. Due to the nature of the embedded solution the memory as well as the computing ressources are limited. As a result a single PTP profile can be supported with a firmware version. The solution demonstrates a bare-metal implementation of a PTP node without any OS just using a simple light-weight IP stack.


The syn1588® VIP acts basically like a GPS receiver without the need for an antenna. It supplies a 1 PPS pulse and a NMEA compatible data stream on the serial interface (of course without positional data). In PTP master mode, syn1588® VIP can accept GPS data as input from the  simple GPS receiver available onboard. Additionally, there is a fiber network interface available as well. For the audio/video broadcast community we added a video sync generation capability as well. The syn1588® VIP Evaluation Board Revision 3 may be used as a simple sync box. Connect it to the network and receive an accurately synchronized sync signal.

syn1588® VIP – System Features

  • single chip IEEE1588 solution
  • clock accuracy better than 8 ns
  • embedded system solution suited for smooth integration into your FPGA/ASIC or board design
  • IEEE1588 hardware timestamping support using syn1588® technology
  • Oregano Systems’ patented 1-step timestamping
  • generation of
    • programmable frequency
    • 1 PPS
    • pseudo GPS data stream
    • IRIG-B
    • low jitter frequencies from mHz to MHz
    • analog video sync signals
  • PTP master or slave operation
  • synchronization in PTP master mode to an absolute time reference
    • onboard GPS receiver
  • remote management and configuration via IEEE1588 management messages
  • user selectable Ethernet network interface type
    • standard copper interface (RJ45)
    • fiber interface (SFP)
  • non-volatile storage of configuration in external SPI flash
  • remote firmware update capability

syn1588® VIP – Applications

Application: Distribute accurate time to embedded IEEE1588 slaves

The absolute time is distributed from an IEEE1588 grandmaster to embedded IEEE1588 slave nodes based on Oregano Systems‘ syn1588® VIP with an accuracy of 10 ns or better. The time information is locally used at the slave to generated synchronized frequencies or for generating pseudo GPS data.



syn1588® VIP acting as an IEEE1588 slave


Basically, this system acts as a distributed PLL.


Application: Implement an IEEE1588 grandmaster

A syn1588® VIP may act as an IEEE1588 Grandmaster on your network. The syn1588® VIP may synchronize its local hardware clock to an external absolute time reference like e.g. a GPS receiver.



syn1588® VIP acting as IEEE1588 grandmaster

syn1588® VIP – Technical Information

Technical Features – IP Core

  • technology independent synchronous design
  • may be implemented onto any FPGA or ASIC technology
  • three Ethernet PHY devices supported
  • dual firmware management
    • implemented for the devices and evaluation board
    • golden firmware and user firmware
    • revert to golden firmware function


Technical Features – Evaluation Board

  • USB powered (USB 3.0 required just for power)
  • comes with
    • Universal USB power supply
    • SFP fiber transceiver module (short range and long range)
    • Micro USB cable
    • Oregano Systems Powerbank
    • Oregano Systems USB Stick
    • Quality inspection document
    • Active GPS antenna
  • board schematic can be provided upon request


Block Diagram

!  syn1588® VIP– Ordering & Support


The syn1588® VIP is available in two different flavors:


  • syn1588® VIP IP Core
  • syn1588® VIP evaluation board


Ordering Information

You may directly contact Oregano Systems for a quotation or for placing an order. If required we will forward your order or request for quotation to our regional distributor.


Remote Management

Oregano Systems provides a utility the – syn1588® PTP Management Software – free of charge that allows users to remotely manage all IEEE1588-2008 nodes in a network.


Software/Driver Updates

Looking for recent software or driver updates? Please contact Oregano Systems‘ support. We will provide you your required updates via our secure download server (SFTP server).


For additional information on our syn1588® products or a detailed quotation please contact us.


More Information

For additional information on our syn1588® products or a detailed quotation please contact us.

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