14 Jun 2024
syn1588® Dual NIC Further Enhanced

After adding a brand-new member to the syn1588® product portfolio – namely the syn1588® 10G NIC (add web link here to the news entry) – today Oregano Systems announced a new revision of the syn1588® Dual NIC. The syn1588® Dual NIC is a standard 100/1000 Mbit PCI Express Ethernet network interface card offering two SFP type network interfaces. Both network interfaces are enhanced to…

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13 Jun 2024
syn1588® 10G NIC - A 10 Gbit PTP-enabled NIC

Today, Oregano Systems proudly announces a brand new member of its syn1588® product portfolio: the syn1588® 10G NIC. The syn1588® 10G NIC is based on the proven architecture of the syn1588® PCIe NIC Revision 2.3 and utilizes an advanced FPGA device from Lattice Semiconductor (CertusPro-NX device) that offers 10 Gbit capability. This NIC is designed to provide 10 Gbit connectivity…

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28 Mar 2024
The Perfection of Time: syn1588® PTP Stack by Oregano Systems

Precision in every nanosecond: The Oregano Systems’ syn1588® PTP Stack ensures nanosecond-accurate clock synchronization, optimized for utmost accuracy. Trust in technology that perfectly manages and optimizes your clock(s) – a revolution in clock synchronization. This PTP stack provides a highly precise implementation of the Precision Time Protocol (PTP), ensuring accurate clock…

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18 Mar 2022
New Distributor for South America and Caribbean States

The syn1588® family is further growing. We are going to make the world a little bit more green. We welcome our new syn1588® distributor for South America and Caribbean States: Protecvolt Ltda. It’s our vision to provide our customers local support for our high quality syn1588® equipment. We are excited to be moving forward with this new distributor as this will allow customers…

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