30 Jan 2020
New Distributor for syn1588® products in USA: Meinberg USA Inc.

We are proud to announce, that Meinberg, a technology leader in network time synchronization with GPS/GNSS, PTP, and NTP technologies opens its own Meinberg US headquarters. By opening this new Meinberg US headquarters, the position from Meinberg and Oregano Systems on the US market is now obvious strengthened. We are able to directly serve directly serve US customers and provide…

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23 Jan 2020
syn1588® Dual NIC – Out Now!

Oregano Systems is excited to announce our brand new syn1588® Dual NIC! The syn1588® Dual NIC - unrivalled on the market - is a 2-channel PCI Express network interface card with high-accuracy IEEE1588 hardware support. The first function available for this product will offer two independent network interfaces with high-accuracy hardware clock support following IEEE1588. Other…

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11 Dec 2019
Follow us on Broadcastbridge - PTP Explained - Part 4 - Requirement’s For Virtualisation Of ST 2110 COTS Infrastructures

In the fourth and final part of this series, we wrap up with an explanation on how PTP is used to support SMPTE ST 2110 based services, we dive into timing constraints related to using COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) hardware, i.e.: servers.

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28 Nov 2019
Follow us on Broadcastbridge - PTP Explained - Part 3 - Operational Supervision Of PTP Network Services

In the previous two parts of this four-part series, we covered the basic principles of PTP and explained how time transfer can be made highly reliable using both the inherent methods IEE1588 provides as well as various complementing redundancy technologies. In this part, we look deeper into monitoring PTP systems.

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18 Nov 2019
Follow us on Broadcastbridge - PTP Explained - Part 2 - Redundancy In Media Driven PTP Networks

In the first part of this four-part series, we described the basic principles of the Precision Time Protocol. In part two, we investigate PTP redundancy, specifically for media networks In collaboration with Thomas Kernen from Mellanox Technologies, Nikolaus Kerö is publishing a series of four online articles to appear in the Broadcastbridge. This second instalment covering the…

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06 Nov 2019
Follow us on Broadcastbridge - PTP Explained - Part 1 - Network Architectures For Media Focused PTP Deployments

As the broadcasting industry is moving towards the All-IP studio at a growing pace, accurate and reliable time transfer over Ethernet is gaining ever more attraction. The Precision Time Protocol was chosen as the exclusive means for this key technology. In collaboration with Thomas Kernen from Mellanox Technologies, Nikolaus Kerö is publishing a series of four online articles to…

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31 Oct 2019
SMPTE Annual Technical Conference 2019

Last week the annual SMPTE Technical Conference was held in Los Angeles with broadcast engineers from USA, Europe, and Asia alike discussing new technologies in all broadcasting areas. Oregano presented the most recent research work on optimal ways to secure PTP-based time transfer for broadcast applications. This work was done in close collaboration with Mellanox Technologies The…

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28 Oct 2019
New ECO-friendly packaging for the syn1588® PCIe NIC

We do care about the environment and we are proud to introduce our new environmental-friendly packaging solution. We aim to minimize waste while maintaining our high standards throughout the whole packaging process. The eco-friendly packaging used for the shipment of the syn1588® PCIe NICs devices is made of 100% recycled paper and bio-degradable materials. It has a positive…

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03 Oct 2019
Oregano Systems Distributor JTelec S.A. acquires NEWNET and is now called KAIROS

We would like to inform you that JTelec S.A,.our distributor for France and Luxembourg, has acquired Newnet and is now operating under the new name KAIROS in France and Luxembourg for Oregano Systems. Newnet: Founded in 1997, NEWNET has a strong presence in the broadcast, media and IT markets, and has two activities, one for remote access infrastructures. and the other specializes…

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11 Sep 2019
Meet us at at the IBC 2019 and the ISPCS 2019

Meet us at the IBC 2019 in Amsterdam / NL (13 - 17 SEPTEMBER 2019) and at the ISPCS 2019 in Portland / USA (22 - 27 SEPTEMBER 2019) and convince yourself of the extensive syn1588 product portfolio of Oregano Systems. Being now part of Meinberg Funkuhren, we are able to offer a complete product range providing solutions for all your synchronization demands from one common source!…

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