• syn1588® Dual NIC
  • syn1588® Dual NIC
  • syn1588® Dual NIC


Oregano Systems syn1588® Dual NIC is a 2-channel PCI Express network interface card with IEEE1588 hardware support. The first function available for this brand new product will offer two independent network interfaces with high-accuracy hardware clock support following IEEE1588. Other functions for HSR and PRP will follow.


The syn1588® Dual NIC basically acts as a standard 100/1000 MBit/s PCI Express Network Interface Card (NIC) offering two independent SFP type network interfaces. Both network interfaces are enhanced to provide highly accurate clock synchronization following the IEEE1588 standard.


The syn1588® Dual NIC includes a full-featured IEEE1588 hardware clock as well as complex timestamping hardware for every of the two network interfaces. All time critical elements of an IEEE1588 system are embedded in the syn1588® Dual NIC thus removing all timing constraints from the software. There are no real-time requirements for the operating system or the software stack. Due to its special structure, the CPU load for the required IEEE1588 stack (e.g. Oregano Systems syn1588® PTP Stack) is negligible.


Beside acting as a dual network interface card with full IEEE1588 support the syn1588® Dual NIC is intended as evaluation platform for special PTP timing architectures like HSR or PRP. For these special timing architectures, Oregano Systems will offer customized PTP solutions in both hardware and software in the future.

syn1588® Dual NIC – System Features

  • clock synchronization accuracy better than 10 ns
  • two independent hardware clocks
  • system clock may be synchronized to any of the two hardware clocks
  • timestamping of
    • external (hardware) events
    • internal (software) events
  • optional interrupt on timestamp event
  • hardware support for dense timestamp event
  • master or slave operation
  • optimized for timing applications but not for network throughput
  • generation of
    • programmable frequency
    • 1 PPS
    • IRIG-B
  • on-board jitter-cleaner PLL allowing generation of synchronized clean, accurate high-speed clocks
  • synchronization in master mode to an absolute time reference (e.g. GPS receiver)
  • high precision oscillator options (common for both clocks)
  • software and drivers Linux only

syn1588® Dual NIC - Structural Overview


The syn1588® Dual NIC allows to easily create a standard-compliant  IEEE1588 node. For such an IEEE1588 node both

  • hardware (the syn1588® Dual NIC)
  • and software (the syn1588® PTP Stack with drivers)

are required. The syn1588® Dual NIC is plugged into your PC or server. The drivers have to be installed on your PC or server. The syn1588® PTP Stack has to be invoked on your system as well to complete the IEEE1588 node. Every of the two network ports offers its own syn1588® hardware clock.

The syn1588® Dual NIC comes with binary run-time licenses of the syn1588® PTP Stack. Note, that the syn1588® Dual NIC currently only supports Linux OS.

syn1588® Dual NIC – Applications & Application notes



Debugging & Support


syn1588® Dual NIC – Technical Features

  • 1-lane PCI Express low-profile card (version 2.0, compatible with 1.1)
  • 100/1000 MBit/s Ethernet NIC
  • SFP type fiber interface
  • sophisticated CPU interface removing timing constraints from the control software (allows using non-real-time operating systems)
  • one user programmable input/output signal on SMA connectors on PCI bracket
    (trigger, 1 PPS, period, event)
  • three more user programmable input/output signals available internally
  • Generation of user-defined periodical signals (frequencies)
  • Generation of user-defined a-periodical signals (single events)
  • Generation of 1PPS signal and IRIG-B data stream
  • Timestamping of dense external hardware events
  • On-board jitter cleaner PLL for generation of accurate, high-speed clock signals (up to 156 MHz)
  • Oregano Systems’ patented 1-step timestamping
  • VLAN and IPv6 support for IEEE1588 packet processing including 1-step operation
  • Stable TCXO oscillator (better than 1 ppm) to improve stability & accuracy
  • Optionally high precision, high-stability OCXO oscillator (better than 0.1 ppm) to further improve long-term stability & accuracy
  • driver software for Linux only
  • syn1588® PTP Stack run-time license included (for Linux only)

syn1588® Dual NIC – Applications

To be completed soon.





!  syn1588® Dual NIC– Ordering & Support

Remote Management

Oregano Systems provides a utility the – syn1588® PTP Management Software – free of charge that allows users to remotely manage all IEEE1588-2008 nodes in a network.


Ordering Information

Please check the Application Note "Ordering syn1588® Dual NICs" describing the available options for the syn1588® Dual NIC and their respective ordering number.


Please note that we generally recommend a high quality OCXO oscillator for all IEEE1588 master applications.


You may directly contact Oregano Systems for a quotation or for placing an order. If required we will forward your order or request for quotation to our regional distributor.



Looking for recent software updates? Please contact Oregano Systems‘ support. We will provide you your required updates via our secure download server (SFTP server)

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