Oregano Systems designs and sells hardware, software and IP Cores


» Clock synchronization (PTP / IEEE1588)

syn1588® products enable accurate, reliable synchronization of local clocks via standard Ethernet networks. syn1588® products (including IP cores and software licenses) allow synchronization accuracies in the range of nanoseconds.


» IP Cores

Oregano Systems offers several IP Cores mainly in the area of clock synchronization and communication.


» VoIP Intercom

Oregano Systems' VoIP Intercom is intended for industrial, ruggedized push button intercoms for example used for emergency columns along railways, motorways or in tunnels.

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Designing complex electronic systems is our passion. Our design teams creates industrial embedded systems including ASICs and FPGAs. Complex high speed PCB design is our daily business.


There are three areas of design services:

» Consulting
» Design
» Research

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