VoIP Intercom


Simple push-button voice communication using IP over standard network cabling: Oregano Systems’ VoIP Intercom is THE solution for reliable, industrial, yet cost effective voice communication.


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VoIP Intercom



Oregano Systems offers a full range of proven, ready-to-use PTP network devices to efficiently build an IEEE1588-2008 clock synchronization system.


The syn1588® technology is compliant with all major PTP profiles namely the default, the power, the telecom profiles and the enterprise profile with the SMPTE ST-2059-2 profile being the most recent complement.


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» IP Cores

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IP Cores


Oregano Systems offers several IP Cores mainly in the area of clock synchronization and communication.


All IP cores are designed to be strictly synchronous and technology independent. They may be ported to any ASIC technology or FPGA family. All IP cores are available in two license models:


  • FPGA technology netlist license
  • a source code license

Both license types require a single, upfront license fee. There are no royalties nor project restrictions.


» syn1588®


» 8051 IP Core




» IP Cores Licensing

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IP Cores

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