Software/Firmware Updates

Looking for recent software or firmware updates? Please contact Oregano Systems‘ support. We provide you your required updates via our secure download server.

Ordering Information

You may directly contact Oregano Systems for a quotation or for placing an order. If required we will forward your order or request for quotation to our regional distributor.

syn1588® Support

If one experiences problems when installing or using the syn1588® hardware and/or software there is the Oregano Systems support. We will identify and solve your issues as fast as possible.


syn1588® System Information Report

In order to solve your issues, Oregano Systems requires some information about your specific – network – setup. We implemented in the syn1588® PTP Stack a special function – the System Information Report – to collect all the required information in your system like operating systems version, driver version etc. We kindly ask you to run the syn1588® PTP Stack to create this System Information Report and provide us the result.


Application Notes

For details on how to use this feature please read this application note:



Please note that Oregano Systems respects your privacy. The data of your system is collected but not sent automatically. The collected data is provided you in a readable format (ASCII log output). One can clearly see in advance which information will be provided to Oregano Systems.


We strongly suggest to use the Oregano Systems secure file server (SFTP) for electronically exchanging data. If you do not have an account on our secure file server please drop us a note. We will create an account typically within one business day for you. Of course one may decide to send Oregano Systems the System Information Report also via email in clear text.


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