Oregano Systems offers a full range of clock cores, which are compatible to the IEEE1588 Standard for a Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol for Networked Measurement and Control Systems. The IP cores differ in footprint, number of I/Os, interface, and supported features.

The IEEE1588 Standard’s Precision Time Protocol (PTP) allows to precisely synchronize computer clocks in local area networks. Because of its high speed, low price, and widespread use, Ethernet is the preferred communication medium. It is supported by all of Oregano Systems‘ syn1588® clock cores via use of the Media Independent Interface (MII) or GMII.

Oregano Systems offers three syn1588® IP cores sized in their functionality: small, medium and large.

Oregano Systems offers IP cores supporting both versions of the IEEE1588 standard IEEE1588-2002 (aka V1) and IEEE1588-2008 (aka V2). There are IP cores suited for simple attaching to an existing processor that runs the required IEEE1588 stack (e.g. Oregano Systems‘ syn1588® PTP Stack) and there are single chip solutions requiring only an external Ethernet PHY device.

Application Notes
For a detailed comparison of the features of the syn1588® IP cores see the following application note:
syn1588® Application Note: Comparing the syn1588® IP Cores (PDF-file)

Typical Application
The Oregano Systems standard PCIe Ethernet NIC (network interface card) is a typical application of the syn1588® Clock IP cores. The syn1588® PCIe NIC combines the syn1588® Clock_M IP core with a PCI interface and an Ethernet MAC in a single FPGA device suited for cheap industrial applications. It enables conventional PCs to utilize IEEE1588 protocol and clock synchronisation.

More Information
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