17 Jan 2023
Introducing Revision 2.3 of our syn1588® PCIe NIC

Since more than two years, the entire electronic industry has been suffering a severe component shortage resulting in excessively high lead times, affecting semiconductors, discrete components and mechanical parts alike. To make matters even worse, several manufacturers have discontinued a number of key components. More often than not they did not even offer last time buy options for existing customers.


In order to provide the syn1588® PCIe NIC to our customers Oregano Systems had to adapt to this crisis quickly. We replaced components which were not available. The main goal was to improve the procurement as well as the manufacturing process itself. The Revision 2.3 of the syn1588® PCIe NIC is functionally fully compatible with its predecessor Revision 2.1. It will require the latest version 1.16 (or newer) of the syn1588® Software Suite.


As a result the brand new Revision 2.3 of the  syn1588® PCIe NIC is available right now. During the last two months we already shipped these cards to all backlog customers. Today we have sufficient cards available in our stock to accept and fullfil orders as you had been used in past from Oregano Systems. We already updated our documentation (datasheet, ordering ifformation and application notes) on our web site.


Although the main goal had been to supply a functionally compatible product there will be some changes that affect the customers as well. There is an appliaczion note AN041 that describes in details what's new with  syn1588® PCIe NIC Revision 2.3.

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