Aug 122014
Special Olympics Austria 2014

Oregano Systems supports the Special Olympics in 2014 and wish all athletes a lot of courage and success! We are pleased that we were able to support Special Olympics this year and thus help with special needs to encourage people in their sporting activity.   The Special Olympics oath is: “Let me win. But if I cannot win, let be brave in the attempt.” The main task of the Special Olympics is to integrate mentally disabled people through movement, games and sport in society. Special Olympics provides worldwide in 180 countries for more than 2.5 million children ages 8 and [more...]

Jun 252014
VoIP Intercom: Help at your fingertip

Emergency columns have to be extremely reliable yet easy to operate. Oregano Systems offers a worry-free and proven communication solution for such applications. The on-site installation of our VoIP Intercom modules is straight forward and hassle-free while all configuration and maintenance tasks can be performed remotely.   Typically, emergency columns have to cope with an extended temperature range and greatly varying humidity levels. The Oregano Systems VoIP Intercom II PoE is certified to work in such harsh environmental conditions. Upon request the Oregano Systems VoIP Intercom II PoE board will be coated for additional protection against dust and humidity.   [more...]

Mai 262014
syn1588<sup>®</sup> Based Clock Synchronization for Broadcasting Applications

In recent years, clock synchronization over Ethernet networks is quickly gaining ground. More and more industries discover the undisputable advantages of using existing IP-based networks for transporting precise time information rather than having to revert to dedicated for this matter. Only recently, the broadcasting industry intensified its efforts to replace traditional synchronization techniques like black burst or tri-level-sync with IP-based clock synchronization relying on the IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol. However, a new and quite unique requirement arises when using PTP for broadcasting applications: short lock times (in the range of a few seconds), i.e. the time it takes until [more...]

Mrz 242014
Oregano Systems Announces syn1588<sup>®</sup> VMS

Oregano Systems is proud to announce the syn1588® Visual Measurement System (VMS) for observing, comparing and analyzing 1 PPS signals of up to 22 different sources. The syn1588® VMS is a multi-channel, high resolution, high accuracy data acquisition system, dedicated to analyze the synchronization performance of clients/nodes using different means of synchronization mechanisms (e.g. IRIG-B, PTP, or NTP). It uses one or more syn1588® PPS capture cards each capable of measuring 22 input channels. The capture cards are based on the proven syn1588® PCIe cards, which have been enhanced to handle 22 event inputs simultaneously. Each input is capable of [more...]

Feb 212014
Introducing Layer 2 One-Step Timestamping

One-step timestamping of PTP packets has developed to a popular technology in IEEE 1588 aware devices. This hardware-based mechanism allows to disengage a PTP master by reducing the computational load. Especially when using unicast communication mode and high message rates PTP masters may benefit from the additional hardware feature. Based on the existing IPv4 and IPv6 one-step timestamping solution, Oregano Systems enhanced the circuitry to perform hardware-based one-step timestamping for layer 2 PTP packets as well. Naturally, VLAN operation for Layer 2 timestamping is supported as well. The new layer 2 one-step timestamping technology is present in the following products: [more...]