Mrz 242014
Oregano Systems Announces syn1588<sup>®</sup> VMS

Oregano Systems is proud to announce the syn1588® Visual Measurement System (VMS) for observing, comparing and analyzing 1 PPS signals of up to 22 different sources. The syn1588® VMS is a multi-channel, high resolution, high accuracy data acquisition system, dedicated to analyze the synchronization performance of clients/nodes using different means of synchronization mechanisms (e.g. IRIG-B, PTP, or NTP). It uses one or more syn1588® PPS capture cards each capable of measuring 22 input channels. The capture cards are based on the proven syn1588® PCIe cards, which have been enhanced to handle 22 event inputs simultaneously. Each input is capable of [more...]

Feb 212014
Introducing Layer 2 One-Step Timestamping

One-step timestamping of PTP packets has developed to a popular technology in IEEE 1588 aware devices. This hardware-based mechanism allows to disengage a PTP master by reducing the computational load. Especially when using unicast communication mode and high message rates PTP masters may benefit from the additional hardware feature. Based on the existing IPv4 and IPv6 one-step timestamping solution, Oregano Systems enhanced the circuitry to perform hardware-based one-step timestamping for layer 2 PTP packets as well. Naturally, VLAN operation for Layer 2 timestamping is supported as well. The new layer 2 one-step timestamping technology is present in the following products: [more...]

Feb 132014
SMPTE Membership

Oregano Systems is a proud to announce its sustaining membership of the SMPTE – Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers. Oregano Systems is actively supporting the work of the respective standardization body within SMPTE towards an IEEE1588 profile tailored to the needs of the broadcasting industry, while enhancing our product portfolio to support this new standard in a timely manner as soon as it is released.

Sep 302013
ISPCS '13: Best Academic Paper Award

Oregano Systems is proud to announce that our preferred research partner Center for Integrated Sensor Systems from the Danube University Krems received the Best Academic Paper Award at the ISPCS 2013. Their paper “Out-of-band Asymmetry Removal for High Accuracy Clock Synchronization in 100Base-TX” deals with the problem of dynamic asymmetries between two IEEE1588 nodes connected with a 100Base-TX copper connection. Oregano Systems congratulates the authors Thomas Bigler and Reinhard Exel. The paper was published at the 2013 International IEEE Symposium on Precision Clock Synchronization for Measurement, Control and Communication and was partly financed by the province of Lower Austria, the [more...]

Sep 262013
IEEE1588 Plugfest 2013: Final Report

The ISPCS Plugfest 2013 focusing on new developments in precise clock synchronization ended this Tuesday. New technologies have been successfully tested. There had been special sessions for the following new areas:     Transporting PTP over IPv6. The industry is calling for IEEE1588 solutions supporting IPv6 Using a new network mode called ‘hybrid mode’. Sync messages are transmitted as multicast messages whereas the End-to-end delay mechanism is performed using unicast addresses. Bringing redundancy and reliability to IEEE1588 systems using High availability seamless redundancy (HSR) and Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) As every year there have been sessions for the default, power [more...]