VoIP Intercom II PoE


There is an increasing demand for industrial IP based intercom stations. Typical applications are emergency phones in park decks, along motor ways or rail way tracks. Oregano Systems offers a proven, ruggedized VoIP Intercom solution that is completly remotely managed.

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Oregano Systems‘ VoIP Intercom II PoE system enables a cost effective VoIP solution thus reducing the costs for dedicated cabling. The VoIP Intercom II PoE system is the third generation of Oregano Systems‘ VoIP products. It supports both major VoIP protocols: H.323 (standard) as well as SIP. Optionally both VoIP protocols may be supported in parallel. Beside using external DC supply the VoIP Intercom II PoE Board supports remote feeding following IEEE 802.3 (PoE .. Power over Ethernet). VoIP Intercom II PoE offers with a simple, easy-to-use, rugged user interface.

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