syn1588® PTP Stack


Oregano Systems‘ syn1588® PTP Stack offers a full implementation of the protocol stack for the IEEE1588-2008 standard. The syn1588® PTP Stack is a well proven, reliable and portable software. It’s outstanding function is regularly verified on the ISPCS plugfests.

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Oregano Systems offers a protocol stack (the syn1588® PTP Stack), which is fully compatible to the IEEE1588 Standard for a Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol for Networked Measurement and Control Systems. The syn1588® PTP Stack is tested for compatibility in environments with stacks of other proveniences on several IEEE1588 plugfests.

The Big Picture
Every IEEE1588 implementation requires two parts

  • real-time tasks
    • packet matching
    • timestamping
    • accurate clock
  • complex non-real-time tasks
    • protocol handling
    • user interface, configuration of modes

While the real-time tasks are typically implemented in hardware the complex protocol handling is implemented in software. The syn1588® PTP Stack is such an implementation.

  • proven
  • portable

The syn1588® PTP Stack’s software architecture is partitioned into the PTP library and the PTP application. The library executes a protocol engine which processes PTP messages and drives a control loop to synchronize a (hardware) clock. The engine is designed as a state machine according to the full master/slave state protocol of the IEEE1588-2008 standard. The PTP application incorporates all parts outside the IEEE1588-2008 standard as well as all platform/operating system dependent functions (logging, network access, configuration, user interaction). The complete syn1588® PTP Stack is implemented in native C/C++ with focus on using almost only platform independent functions and libraries (Portable Operating System Interface- POSIX, Adaptive Communication Environment – ACE). Thus, reusing the library or porting it to new platforms is easy and straight forward.

More Information
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