syn1588® NIC Box


The syn1588® NIC Box

The syn1588® NIC Box from Oregano Systems simplifies using PTP. Without any hardware or software installation one can run a full featured IEEE1588 node out of the box.

The syn1588® NIC Box

We simply put everything together required for a reliable accurate PTP node. A Linux based PC in a 19” 1HE case holding the famous syn1588® PCIe NIC. All required software is pre-installed and pre-configured. One just needs to connect the syn1588® NIC Box to mains and to your network. That’s all.

The front panel display of the syn1588® NIC Box informs you about the basic parameters and status of your PTP node. Thus, one would not even need to connect a monitor or remotely login to the unit.

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Accuracy at your finger tips

The syn1588® NIC Box is a highly versatile, high performance PTP node capable of delivering a variety of precise timing signals. Aside from a standard 1 pulse per second, two arbitrary frequencies as well as an IRIG-B signal can be generated. It is designed to receive or transmit timing information over an Ethernet network using the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) defined in IEEE 1588-2008.

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