8051 Demo Designs


We have set up two demo designs that show how to use the 8051 IP core. These designs may easily extended to meet your project’s specific needs. Both examples are made up of a ZIP-file containing all required data (VHDL code as well as C-code) and design setup as well as a documentation (PDF-File).

8051 IP on a Altera Cyclone Nios Board
This sample design uses the popular Altera Cyclone Nios evaluation board for implementing the 8051 IP core. Beside the hardware setup one can see how to compile your software and load the program code into the 8051 IP core’s program ROM.

8051 Boot Loader Demo Design

This sample design shows a simple boot loader stored in the processors on-chip ROM while the actual program is downloaded during run-time via the serial interface into the program RAM.