VoIP Intercom II PoE – Technical Information


VoIP Intercom

Technical Features

  • Receive and send VoIP Calls with H.323 or SIP
  • Audio codecs G.711, G726, G.723, G.729
  • 8 programable buttons on-board, up to 36 buttons with external encoded keyboard
  • three LEDs
  • two 10/100 Mbit network interfaces including Ethernet switch allowing connection of external network components
  • 4 opto-coupled inputs and outputs
  • 15 W audio amplifier
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) functionality (class 0 device following IEEE 802.3)
  • Firmware bootable from on-board flash or external server
  • Customized firmware solutions to meet your requirements

Remote Maintance
The VoIP Intercom II PoE Boards may be remotely maintained. A boot loader chooses the application from either the on-board Flash memory or from a central host via one of the following protocols: TFTP, BOOTP or DHCP. This enables simple in field upgrade.

Data Sheets
VoIP Intercom II PoE: Datasheet (PDF-file)

More Information
For additional information on our VoIP Intercom Light board or a detailed quotation please contact us.

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