Design Services


Oregano Systems offers design services in the area of industrial embedded systems. This includes system design, PCB design, FPGA and ASIC design as well as low-level software design.

The experienced Oregano Systems design team is used to deal with complex embedded systems design projects. For high-end digital systems e.g. we are using the latest, most powerful FPGAs from Intel and Xilinx. This includes to deal with engineering samples of these FPGAs as well. Hardware based Ethernet (IP) packet processing with line speeds of up to 25 Gbit is one of our core competences.

For PCB designs we are able to create extremely dense, complex high-speed boards and systems. This includes

  • handling of wide DDR memory structures
  • designing of complex power supply structures including power sequencing
  • analog board level simulation

Read this article that briefly highlights a typical challenging PCB project. Checkout how we managed 1500+ components on a single rigid-flex board implementing the fastest industrial line camera.

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