Mrz 302017

Today we introduce you easyn1588®, a brand new GUI for our syn1588® PTP Stack. easyn1588® is intended for users that are not familiar with all the details of PTP as well as for users that prefer to graphically control their applications.

easyn1588® is currently available only on Linux OS. easyn1588® is located on the famous wooden syn1588® USB-Stick in the directory “sw/apps/linux”. If you require a copy of the syn1588® USB-Stick , please contact Oregano Systems‘ support..

The basic easyn1588® features are:

  • Run the syn1588® PTP Stack with different profiles and different modes(slave mode or auto mode)
  • Display all necessary information on runtime of the chosen syn1588® PCIe NIC.
  • If there are more than one syn1588® PCIe NICs mounted in your system, the easyn1588® will ask which interface should be used.
  • The easyn1588® will perform startup checks to ensure the proper running of the syn1588® PTP Stack.

A detailed application note may be downloaded here.

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