31 Jul 2013
New version of PTP Management Tool

Oregano Systems PTP manangement software ptpmmm GUI that is available free of charge is available in a new version 1.3 (build 901). We completely re-worked the graphical user interface which uses the famous cross-platform framework Qt version 5 in the most recent version.


We added more features to mange the most recent version of the syn1588® products. Additionally we enhanced the robustness of the management software against unexpected replies to the standard IEEE1588 management messages from other vendors.


The ptpmmm GUI software may not directly be downloaded. Please fill out this software request form to receive the download instructions via email.


We are eager to receive your feedback! Share your experience of the new ptpmmm GUI with us. Just write a quick email for further suggestions or new needs, and tell us your way of using this software.

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