• syn1588® PTP Management Software
  • syn1588® PTP Management Software
  • syn1588® PTP Management Software
  • syn1588® PTP Management Software

Oregano Systems‘ syn1588® PTP Management Software allows easy remote management and configuration of all IEEE 1588-2008 nodes in the network. The syn1588® PTP Management Software is available free of charge. Remote management may be done via a graphical user interface (GUI) or via command line.



Oregano Systems offers a PTP Management Software which is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to manage IEEE 1588-2008 compatible nodes in a network. All PTP nodes are displayed in a list. For a selected node its basic capabilities and state can be displayed. Thus one can check for the selected grandmaster chosen by a node as well as its offset.

syn1588® PTP Management Software – Features

General Features

  • supports all IEEE 1588-2008 nodes in your network
  • extract performance information from all IEEE 1588-2008 nodes in the network
  • purely based on IEEE 1588-2008 management messages
  • available for Microsoft Windows and Linux

syn1588® Specific Features

  • configure and probe syn1588® functions like IOMATRIX, PERIOD, EVENTS
  • direct hardware register access
  • syn1588® VIP firmware update
  • syn1588® VIP parameter management (GET, SET, SAVE to file, LOAD from file)

!  syn1588® PTP Management Software– Ordering & Support


If you would like to receive this software free of charge please fill out the following software request form to receive the download link via email.


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