25 Jun 2014
VoIP Intercom: Help at your fingertip

Emergency columns have to be extremely reliable yet easy to operate. Oregano Systems offers a worry-free and proven communication solution for such applications. The on-site installation of our VoIP Intercom modules is straight forward and hassle-free while all configuration and maintenance tasks can be performed remotely.


Typically, emergency columns have to cope with an extended temperature range and greatly varying humidity levels. The Oregano Systems VoIP Intercom II PoE is certified to work in such harsh environmental conditions. Upon request the Oregano Systems VoIP Intercom II PoE board will be coated for additional protection against dust and humidity.


Nowadays, emergency columns are not merely used to reliably establish a voice connection in the case of an emergency. These devices have to activate light and/or sound signaling systems to notify incoming traffic of a possible hazard. The Oregano Systems VoIP Intercom II PoE offers several programmable outputs in combination customizable software interfaces to implement a variety of different requirements.

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