20 Feb 2012
syn1588®VIP Parameter Management

Starting with software version 1.2.53 the syn1588®VIP supports managing (read/get and write/set) and non-volatile storage of its parameters. The parameters are stored in the external SPI flash memory. The parameters may be GET and SET remotely via standard IEEE1588 management messages.


Oregano Systems supplies a command line utility „ptpmmm“ that allows sending and reciving IEEE1588 management messages. Using this software one may GET and SET the parameters of all syn1588®VIP nodes in a network. There is also a GUI (graphical user interface) available for the ptpmmm utility to simplify parameter management for users.


The parameters may be stored in the non-volatile memory. They will be automatically reloaded after the next power-up. A „revert to factory default parameter“ function is implemented as well.


There are the following groups of parameters that may be modified and stored:


  • network configuration
  • hardware parameters
  • syn1588® PTP Stack options
  • clock servo parameters

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