30 Sep 2011
syn1588® PCI NIC – Discontinue Information

Oregano Systems‘ syn1588® PCI NIC had been successfully on the market since 2006. Today, most of our customers ask for the new syn1588® PCIe NIC. Thus we decided not to manufacture the syn1588® PCI NIC any more on a regular basis.


  • Starting with October 2011 the syn1588® PCI NIC will be available just upon request.
  • Oregano Systems is able and willing to start a production batch of the syn1588® PCI NIC for every potential customer.
  • Minimum order quantity is 50 units. Lead time is typically 14 weeks.
  • Oregano Systems is able to provide engineering samples for testing within a few days.
  • There is still a small stock (approx. 5 cards) of syn1588® PCI NICs intended for existing customers that need additional cards

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