31 Dec 2012
syn1588® Gbit Switch now supports TLV

The superior syn1588® Gbit Switch is THE leading IEEE1588-2008 transparent clock unit. Recently it has been enhanced by supporting IEEE1588-2008 packets with TLVs.


According to the IEEE1588-2008 standard TLVs – type, length, value – are allowed to be added to IEEE1588-2008 packets. There are standard TLVs specified as well as vendor specific experimental ones. Currently TLVs are usually just added to packets that need not to be considered for timestamping on a transparent clock. Oregano Systems expects that in the near future also SYNC packets might receive TLVs.


The latest release of the syn1588® Gbit Switch‘ firmware now also supports processing of IEEE1588-2008 packets enhanced with TLVs.

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