29 Aug 2011
New Oscillator Option for syn1588® NICs

Oregano Systems announces the availability of a new oscillator option for their syn1588® NIC family. Beside the standard oscillator and the high precision OCXO oscillator Oregano Systems now offers an TCXO oscillator for it’s syn1588® NICs.


The quality of the local oscillator determines the accuracy of the IEEE1588 node in slave mode during network interruptions or under varying operating conditions (i.e. temperature). Turning on or off the fan in a PC or the air condition in the server rooms immediately affects the accuracy when looking for nanoseconds. On the other hands high quality oscillators are quite expensive.


Oregano Systems now offers three different oscillator options. This allows our customers to trade off costs versus accuracies for their applications.


Oscillator Options


  • standard XO (50 ppm)
  • !! New !! TCXO (better than 4 ppm)
  • OCXO (better than 0,5 ppm)

The default configuration for all syn1588® NIC cards include the cheapest option “standard XO”.

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