12 Nov 2020
Major Secure File Server Update on Monday November 16th 2020

We will update our secure file server which is used for secure electronic communication with our customers. On Monday, November 16th 2020 we will shut down the service starting from 09:00 to 16:00 UTC. After this maintenance our new secure file server will be available. It will not only offer the standard SFTP service as you already know and use but also allow HTTPS based access. Thus, one does not need a dedicated software to access our secure file server anymore.



We will have to assign new passwords for all accounts (of course including all customer accounts). The account name will not change at all.


We are in the process of creating all accounts and transferring data. You can ask for your password starting on Monday, November 16th via email to support@oregano.at Please mention your account name. Due to security and privacy reasons we have to send the password using a separate communication channel. Please provide your mobile phone number for sending a SMS, a Threema ID or Skype ID for sending text messages. We can also send fax messages if this is required.

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