15 Dec 2016
Advance Information: syn1588® VIP Eval Board – Revision 3

In Q3/2017 the new Revision 3 of Oregano Systems‘ single chip IEEE1588 solution the syn1588® VIP evaluation board will be available. The design has been updated to meet the latest customer requirements. The syn1588® VIP evaluation board Revision 3 will be USB powered. We added the video sync generation capability as well as the jitter cleaner PLL for arbitrary high-speed clock generation. The UART output will also be available via USB further simplifying the usage of the evaluation board. A GPS receiver will be available on-board as well. The Ethernet network interface can be chosen either to use standard copper RJ45 interface or SFP fiber interface. Using Intel’s latest industry grade FPGA family Cyclone V we are able to offer better clock accuracies as well as more software capabilities.

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