Oregano Systems‘ syn1588® PTP Stack offers a complete implementation of the protocol stack for the IEEE1588-2008 standard. The syn1588® PTP Stack is a well proven, reliable and portable software. Its outstanding functionality is verified regularly on ISPCS plugfests and SMPTE Interops.


Oregano Systems offers a protocol stack - the syn1588® PTP Stack - which is fully compatible to the IEEE1588 Standard for the Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol. The syn1588® PTP Stack is tested for compatibility in environments with stacks of other proveniences on several IEEE1588 plugfests.



syn1588® PTP Stack – The Big Picture

Every IEEE1588 implementation requires two parts:

  • hardware real-time task
  • software complex protocol task

The hardware performs in real-time the follwing basic functions:

  • packet matching
  • timestamping
  • accurate clock

The software performs without any real-time constraints the follwing basic functions:

  • protocol handling
  • user interface
  • configuration of modes

 The syn1588® PTP Stack is such an implementation.

  • proven
  • configureable
  • portable
  • reliable

The syn1588® PTP Stack’s software architecture is partitioned into the PTP library and the PTP application. The library executes a protocol engine which processes PTP messages and drives a control loop to synchronize a (hardware) clock. The engine is designed as a state machine according to the full master/slave state protocol of the IEEE1588-2008 standard.


The PTP application incorporates all parts outside the IEEE1588-2008 standard as well as all platform/operating system dependent functions (logging, network access, configuration, user interaction). The complete syn1588® PTP Stack is implemented in native C/C++ with a focus on using almost only platform independent functions and libraries (Portable Operating System Interface- POSIX, Adaptive Communication Environment – ACE). Thus, reusing the library or porting it to new platforms is easy and straightforward.

syn1588® PTP Stack - FAQ

This FAQ document summarizes frequently asked questions and their answers when using the  syn1588® PTP Stack for the first time. Please check this document in case of any issues or unintended behaviour of your system prior contacting the syn1588®  support.

syn1588® PTP Stack – System Features

  • high precision clock synchronization using IEEE 1588-2008
  • first IEEE1588-2019 (aka PTP version 2.1) functions already available
  • hardware and software timestamping support
  • native support for many IEEE 1588 hardware clock implementations
  • support for different PTP profiles
    • Default Profile
    • Broadcasting Profile (SMPTE)
    • Power Profiles
    • Telecom Profiles
  • configurable via PTP management messages or via an API
  • support for multiple platforms
  • system clock synchronization on desktop PCs (using an additional software tool)
  • high portability due to platform independent implementation

syn1588® PTP Stack – Application Notes



syn1588® PTP Stack – Technical Information

  • fully compliant with IEEE 1588-2008
  • IEEE1588-2019 support is added step-by-step
  • full master and slave capability
  • Support for end-to-end (E2E), peer-to-peer (P2P) and pure syntonization mechanism
  • one-step (syn1588® hardware required) and two-step clock support
  • IPv4, IPv6, and Layer 2 (802.3, Linux only) transport
  • IEEE1588 management mechanism
  • support for unicast operation
  • supported PTP profiles:
    • Broadcasting Profile (SMPTE ST2059-2)
    • Default Profile (IEEE1588-2008, Annex J3)
    • Power Profiles (C37.238-2011, C37.238-2014)
    • Telecom Profiles (G.8265.1, G.8275.1, G8275.2)
    • check Application Note for full specification
  • optional: boundary clock operation
  • natively supported hardware:
    • any syn1588® hardware with hardware timestamping support
    • Network Interface Cards supporting the Linux PHC interface and the Linux SO_TIMESTAMPING feature with hardware timestamping support
  • natively supported operating systems:
    • Linux (32/64 bit)
    • Windows 7, Windows 10 (32/64 bit)
    • Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016 (32/64 bit)
  • 8051 (8-bit microcontroller) implementation with lightweight IP stack
  • easily portable to any other platform or operating system
  • well structured C++ code
  • API for controlling and monitoring the syn1588® PTP Stack
  • Support for IEEE 1588-2002 available as separate executable
  • supports command line options
  • fine-grained configuration via configuration files
  • support for multiple instances on a single node
  • statistics
  • support for Meinberg's NetSync Monitor
  • add-ons
    • lSync: synchronizes local system clock (syn1588® hardware required)
    • eSync: synchronizes time to an external reference like a GPS receiver (syn1588® hardware required)

syn1588® PTP Stack – Release Information

In this section one finds a list of useful documents for the latest release of the syn1588® Software Suite. The release will be made available to all our source code licensees with an upright maintenance agreement.


!  syn1588® PTP Stack– Ordering & Support

More Information

For additional information on our syn1588® products or a detailed quotation please contact us.


License Options

The syn1588® PTP Stack is available as source code license only. There is a single, one-time license fee. There are no royalties nor project restrictions. Optionally an annual maintenance contract may be ordered as well. Note, other licnesing schemes are available upon request.



The syn1588® PTP Stack can be tested without any cost and risk. We can provide you an evaluation version of the syn1588® PTP Stack whose function is limited to a given amount of time.


Ordering Information

You may directly contact Oregano Systems for a quotation or for placing an order. If required we will forward your order or request for quotation to our regional distributor.

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