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The syn1588® VMS is a multi-channel, high resolution, high accuracy data acquisition system, dedicated to analyze the synchronization performance of nodes using different means of synchronization mechanisms like PTP or NTP.


The syn1588® VMS (Visual Measurement System) is designed for observing, comparing and analyzing of 1 PPS signals. Up to 22 channels can be analyzed in parallel.


The syn1588® VMS uses the well-known syn1588® PCIe NIC as the 1 PPS capture card capable of measuring of up to 22 input channels. The syn1588® 1 PPS capture card handles all inputs simultaneously. Each input is capable of sampling signal transitions at a resolution of 4 ns.


The syn1588® VMS is capable of analyzing and displaying the offset between all 1 PPS signals. It continuously updates the mean value, standard deviation, and maximum and minimum value respectively. On a per channel basis, it is possible to set alarms triggering events whenever the offset of a channel exceeds a predefined boundary. This allows using the syn1588® VMS as an online monitoring or analysis tool. There are additional data analysis functions like MTIE, ADEV, and TDEV available as well.


The syn1588® VMS comes as a 19″ 2 HE rack-mount server allowing easy integration into your environment.

syn1588® VMS – System Features

  • Multi-channel 1 PPS offset measurement system
  • 4 ns resolution
  • +/-4 ns accuracy
  • 22 measurement channels @ syn1588® VMS
  • 50 Ohm termination and ESD protection on every channel
  • LVCMOS levels required
  • Minimum pulse width 50 ns
  • Maximum pulse width 500 ms
  • User configurable real-time graphic display of 1 PPS signals
  • User configurable real-time graphic display MITE, TDEV, and ADEV
  • Separate data and histogram files generated per channel for external post-processing
  • Online statistical data (mean value and standard deviation)
  • Online monitoring and checking of input data
  • Online channel status display
  • Channel management via a configuration file
  • Web-based remote display of 1 PPS offset
  • User-programmable boundaries
  • Alert function (e.g. via email) with user definable boundaries for each input
  • Optional OCXO oscillator option

syn1588® VMS – Technical Information

  • Multi-channel 1PPS measurement
  • 4 ns resolution
  • +/- 4 ns accuracy
  • 50 ohm termination and ESD protection (per channel)
  • LVCMOS signaling supported (3V3)
  • syn1588® VMS: 22 channels
  • real-time measurement and graphics
  • online checking and alerting
  • 19″ rackmount case

!  syn1588® VMS– Ordering & Support

Software/Driver Updates

Looking for recent software or driver updates? Please contact Oregano Systems‘ support. We will provide you your required updates via our secure download server (SFTP server).


For additional information on our syn1588® products or a detailed quotation please contact us.


Ordering Information

You may directly contact Oregano Systems for a quotation or for placing an order. If required we will forward your order or request for quotation to our regional distributor.


While the syn1588® VMS comes with a high-stability OCXO oscillator option. Please note that the typical delivery time of the syn1588® VMS is approx. 4 weeks.

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