The ADPCM (Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation) algorithm performs speech compression of 64 kbit/s PCM data. The algorithm is standardized as ITU Standard G.721 and G.726.


Fields of application range from classical voice based telecommunication (POTS) to industrial speech storage or speech output systems. The advantage of ADPCM is the compareable small computation effort required while delivering very good speech quality.


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ADPCM – Characteristics & Licences


Our parametrizeable ADPCM IP core has been developed for usage in both ASIC as well as FPGA designs. The key features of the parametrizeable ADPCM IP core are:


  • very low resource requirements (gates/logic elementes, memory)
  • very small minimum clock frequency and thus a very small power consumption
  • several parameters like number of channels, law encoding etc.


Like all our IP cores we offer the parametrizeable ADPCM IP core in two license options


  • technology netlist license for a selected FPGA technology/device
  • source code license

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