The syn1588® PCIe NIC is a standard Ethernet network interface card with IEEE1588 hardware support. It may be plugged into any standard – industrial – computer or PC. Besides offering the usual network connectivity this card enhances the computer by the IEEE1588 functions of highly accurate clock synchronization.


The syn1588® Gbit Switch allows the design of complex IEEE1588 systems while still achieving high accuracy in clock synchronization. Besides the standard 8+1 port Ethernet switching function this unit acts as an IEEE1588 end-to-end transparent clock.


The syn1588® VIP is a single chip IEEE1588 system. One just requires an external PHY device for copper applications. SFP/SFP+/SFP28 type Fiber interfaces may be implemented in the same FPGA. No other external components are required. The CPU, as well as the program RAM/ROM, are included on-chip. The syn1588® VIP is an efficient implementation of a PTP node. It may be easily included in any customer design to deliver accurate time, frequency etc. required for your application.




Oregano Systems‘ syn1588® PTP Stack offers a full implementation of the protocol stack for the IEEE1588-2008 standard. The syn1588® PTP Stack is a well proven, reliable and portable software.


The syn1588® PTP Stack is complete: it supports the most widely set of PTP profiles. The syn1588® PTP Stack is portable: it can easily be ported to support other IEEE1588 hardware or other operating systems. The syn1588® PTP Stack is maintained: there is support available by the experienced syn1588® engineering staff. Its outstanding function is regularly verified on the ISPCS plugfests.


Oregano Systems is actively involved in the IEEE1588 Standard’s revision working group and supports related research activities. This allows Oregano Systems to keep the products up to date with the latest standard’s developments.

IP Cores


Oregano Systems offers a full range of clock cores, which are compatible to the IEEE1588 Standard for a Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol for Networked Measurement and Control Systems. Oregano Systems offers IP cores supporting both versions of the IEEE1588 standard IEEE1588-2002 (V1), IEEE1588-2008 (V2) and IEEE 1588-2019 (V2.1)


There is an IP core suited for simple attaching to an existing processor that runs the required IEEE1588 stack (e.g. Oregano Systems‘ syn1588® PTP Stack) and there is a single chip solution requiring only an external Ethernet PHY device.

All IP cores are designed to be strictly synchronous and technology independent. They may be ported to any ASIC technology or FPGA family.