19 Jun 2012
Oregano Systems supports Handicaped Children

Oregano Systems supports the local school for handicapped children in Vienna’s third district. They required new sports equipment for the children’s therapy. Nikolaus Kerö, co-founder of Oregano Systems states: „It is a part of our social resposibilty to support our local society.“

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31 May 2012
Full Speed Ahead – Lock Times below 5 sec

The IEEE1588 Precision Time Protocol is known for its highly accurate synchronization characteristics in the range of a few nanoseconds. In the recent past, a special synchronization characteristic received growing attention: The need for extremely short lock times – in the range of a few seconds after power-on. Oregano Systems presents an optimized synchronization algorithm to…

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20 Feb 2012
syn1588®VIP Parameter Management

Starting with software version 1.2.53 the syn1588®VIP supports managing (read/get and write/set) and non-volatile storage of its parameters. The parameters are stored in the external SPI flash memory. The parameters may be GET and SET remotely via standard IEEE1588 management messages. Oregano Systems supplies a command line utility „ptpmmm“ that allows sending and reciving…

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19 Jan 2012
syn1588® Hardware supports IP V6

Oregano Systems is prepared for the future of IP based communication. The „new“ IP standard IP V6 as defined in RFC 2460 is already supported by the syn1588® hardware. Actually IP V6 is not brand new. It had been introduced in 1998. Nowadays first industry segments are starting to implement IPV6 networks. We expect increasing demand for IEEE1588 solutions based on IP V6 for the…

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13 Dec 2011
Research Project Awarded

Yesterday a jury headed by Prof. Heinrich Pichler (Vienna Univeristy of Technology) selected the research project ε-WiFi out of 110 nominees to receive the awarwd „Genius 2011 – 2nd place“. The research project had been successfully performed by our partner IISS known for his excellence research results. You can read more details on the research project ε-WiFi here. This is the…

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28 Nov 2011
New Headquarter – Schedule

We already informed here you about our new headquarter. Since we are about to start moving we would like to inform you about the schedule...

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21 Nov 2011
Christmas 2011 – Children’s Cancer Research

Instead of the usual Christmas gifts for our customers Oregano Systems decided to support the St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute (German web site, English web site) this year. Please take a look at their activities. May be you could support this research institute as well in order to bring back a smile to the children’s face.

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14 Nov 2011
Oregano @ STAC Meeting

On Nov 7th 2011 Oregano Systems presented new results on high accuracy clock synchronization on system level during the most recent STAC Summit held in London. STAC (the Securities Technology Analysis Center LLC) is a vendor-neutral specialist in high-performance capital markets technology supporting end-user firms to understand the performance of their existing systems and of new…

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31 Oct 2011
New Office Under Construction

Today we examined the construction work at our new office. In the last ten days all walls had been erected. The network cabling to all rooms is completed. Just the patch panel is missing in the server room. See some impressions of the construction work below. The new furniture is ordered. The internet connection will be mounted in three weeks. A fibre connection is available at our…

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07 Oct 2011
Advance Information: We will be Moving

Oregano Systems‘ business is permanently changing. During the last four years we recided in our current office in Vienna the number of our products as well as the volumes increased permanently. We require more space in our lab and a larger, ESD protected storage. Thus we decided this summer to move to a new and modern office building in Vienna...

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