24 Sep 2013
IEEE1588 Plugfest 2013

Like every year Oregano Systems is attending the ISPCS 2013 and the IEEE1588 Plugfest preceeding the conference. The International IEEE Symposium on Precision Clock Synchronization for Measurement, Control and Communication (ISPCS) assembles representatives from the industry as well as from educational institutes to present and discuss the newest developments and innovations.

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07 Aug 2013
syn1588® PTP Stack supports Linux PTP Hardware Clock Interface

Oregano Systems released a new version of the syn1588® PTP Stack with native support for the Linux PTP Hardware Clock (breifly referred to as PHC) interface. PHC is a Linux kernel feature which offers APIs for user space applications as well as for drivers to control, monitor and adjust hardware clock devices (e.g. Oregano Systems‘ syn1588® PCIe NIC). In combination with the…

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31 Jul 2013
New version of PTP Management Tool

Oregano Systems PTP manangement software ptpmmm GUI that is available free of charge is available in a new version 1.3 (build 901). We completely re-worked the graphical user interface which uses the famous cross-platform framework Qt version 5 in the most recent version. We added more features to mange the most recent version of the syn1588® products. Additionally we enhanced the…

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03 Jun 2013
New Release of 8051 IP Core – Advance Information

This is an advance information for the users of our 8051 IP core. In a few days there will be a new release of Oregano Systems‘ well known 8051 IP core. The Oregano Systems 8051 IP core is available for free under LGPL license. Oregano Systems 8051 IP core counts 1000 downloads from our web site per month. The 8051 IP core is widely used in both academia and education as well as in…

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23 May 2013
USB Stick replaces syn1588® Live CD

Starting with May 2013 the syn1588® Live CDROM is replaced by a stylish USB stick. The syn1588® Live CDROM enables simple test and evaluation of syn1588® PCIe NIC as well as the syn1588® PTP Stack without the need for installing drivers or software. One just boots the PC using the syn1588® Live CDROM. Additionally the syn1588® Live CDROM acts as the resource for drivers, syn1588®…

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16 Apr 2013
New Shipping Box

The brand new Oregano Systems shipping box is a stylish yet simple alternative to traditional packaging for electronic components. Although its color is a decent white the packaging is actually green. We do care about our environment. There is just one earth for all of us. The Oregano Systems shipping box is made of recycled paper – and it is fully recyclable again. Just a minimum…

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17 Jan 2013
8051 IP Core – Release 1.6

Today Oregano Systems published the release 1.6 of its popular 8051 IP core. The Oregano Systems 8051 IP core is available for free under LGPL license. This new release 1.6 resolves three issues found in the past years: ...

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31 Dec 2012
syn1588® Gbit Switch now supports TLV

The superior syn1588® Gbit Switch is THE leading IEEE1588-2008 transparent clock unit. Recently it has been enhanced by supporting IEEE1588-2008 packets with TLVs. According to the IEEE1588-2008 standard TLVs – type, length, value – are allowed to be added to IEEE1588-2008 packets. There are standard TLVs specified as well as vendor specific experimental ones. Currently TLVs are…

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17 Dec 2012
Christmas 2012: Sponsoring Red Cross Activities

This year Oregano Systems decided to support a social project of the Vienna Red Cross rather than spending money on Christmas gifts for our friends and partners. A new Social Mobile had been sponsored that supports elderly people to remain in their homes and thus stay in their familiar environment. You may view or download the official sponsor certificate here. Oregano takes its…

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18 Sep 2012
Oregano Systems @ ISPCS’12

Oregano Systems will be joining the 2012 International IEEE Symposium on Precision Clock Synchronization for Measurement, Control and Communication (ISPCS) as well as the so-called Plugfest which takes place just before the symposium. The Plugfest offers different IEEE 1588 vendors the opportunity to test and demonstrate device and system interoperability and resolve compatibility…

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