09 Nov 2021
Discontinuation of our fax services

The way of communication changes in our world and new technologies advances. We decided to stop our fax service with November 1st 2021; it is not used anymore. We have not sent any outgoing fax nor received any incoming fax since more than a year now. The whole business communication moved to e-mail and messengers like Signal, Threema, Skype or Teams. Stay in touch with us!

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28 Jul 2021
2021-Q2 Release of the syn1588® Software Suite (v1.13)

Follow this link to get a summary of this release, including release notes and a roadmap for future releases

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20 Jul 2021
Secure SMPTE ST 2059 Time Transfer

Nikolaus Kerö, General Manager from Oregano Systems authored with Thomas Kernen/NVIDIA a new publication for the SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal on “Precision Time Protocol for Synchronization in Broadcast-over-IP”. The authors discuss in their paper four possible PTP Error Conditions that can occur in the network, and offer ways the broadcasting industry can efficiently use and…

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10 Dec 2020
Deliveries during Christmas and New Year period

As the end of the year is approaching we would like to inform you on our delivery schedule during this holiday season. The last outgoing shipment will be scheduled on Tuesday, December 22nd 2020. The first regular outgoing shipment in 2021 can be scheduled for Thursday, January 7th 2021. During this period our office will be partially closed. If you require an urgent shipment of…

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16 Nov 2020
Major Secure File Server Update completed

Our new SFTP Server is up and running and we completed the process of creating all accounts and transferring data. You can ask for your password via email to support@oregano.at Please mention your account name. Due to security and privacy reasons, we have to send the password using a separate communication channel. Please provide your mobile phone number for sending an SMS, a…

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12 Nov 2020
Major Secure File Server Update on Monday November 16th 2020

Major Secure File Server Update on Monday November 16th 2020 We will update our secure file server which is used for secure electronic communication with our customers. On Monday November 16th 2020 we will shut down the service starting from 09:00 to 16:00 UTC. After this maintenance our new secure file server will be available. It will not only offer the standard SFTP service as…

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22 Oct 2020
Oregano Systems uses new MEMS oscillator technology

OCXOs (Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators) are unmatched in terms of timing accuracy and stability. Among other things, they are critical components for the reliable operation of all communication networks. Oregano Systems uses OCXO oscillators for all high-stability syn1588® applications. However, quartz-based OCXOs are extremely sensitive to disturbances from the environment,…

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14 Oct 2020
redSync: Fully Redundant Synchronization for PTP

Over the recent years, PTP has matured to a reliable clock synchronization technology and is now considered even for mission critical applications. For such use cases significant improvements of the basic redundancy are called for to tackle several limitations of PTP. Rather than processing PTP messages from only a single PTP Grandmaster a PTP Slave can be configured to accept…

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12 Oct 2020
New Distributor for syn1588® products in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia: Sipronika d.o.o.

We are proud to welcome our new syn1588® distributor for Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia: Sipronika d.o.o. It’s our vision to provide our customers with local support for our high quality syn1588® equipment. We are excited to be moving forward with this new distributor as this will allow customers more efficient access to the syn1588® product line in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.…

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