09 Aug 2011
VoIP Intercom II PoE: New Board Revision

Today Oregano Systems officially released the new board revision 2.2 for it’s VoIP Intercom II PoE board. Oregano Systems continuously improves the feature set of the VoIP Intercom. After adding the PoE function in Summer 2010 this new board revision again enables new features for our VoIP Intercom product. 


What’s new?


  • a fuse has been added to protect the 3V3 auxiliary supply (200 mA) available on the LED connector
  • a new connector for I2C displays had been added as well

The latter connector allows to attach simple 2 row character displays (3V3 types only) to the VoIP Intercom II PoE board. Oregano Systems plans to support the new display interface in the standard VoIP Intercom firmware in Q4/2011.


What’s important for existing customers: The new board revision is fully compatibel in terms of mechanics and software. No changes in the VoIP Intercom firmware are required. One can run the existing VoIP firmware onto the new revision of the VoIP Intercom II PoE board. Both the mounting holes and connector positions remained unchanged.

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