23 May 2013
USB Stick replaces syn1588® Live CD

Starting with May 2013 the syn1588® Live CDROM is replaced by a stylish USB stick. The syn1588® Live CDROM enables simple test and evaluation of syn1588® PCIe NIC as well as the syn1588® PTP Stack without the need for installing drivers or software. One just boots the PC using the syn1588® Live CDROM. 


Additionally the syn1588® Live CDROM acts as the resource for drivers, syn1588® software and utilities as well as the syn1588® User Guide. 


The brand new syn1588® USB stick is made up of wood – one immediately feels the difference. The main goal for changing the storage medium was to increase the data capacity and decrease the volume. Additionally USB sticks are more robust; an important factor since our syn1588® units are shipped all over the world.

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