07 Oct 2020
Update of Secure File Server

Oregano Systems uses a Secure File Server – a standard SFTP server available at sftp.oregano.at – for secure electronic data exchange with our customers. To ensure privacy this secure file server resides in the Oregano Systems infrastructure but not in the cloud. 

Today, we inform you of the upcoming upgrade of our Secure File Server. The upgrade will be performed within the next weeks. The upgrade includes hardware changes as well as a major update of the SFTP server system used. The main goal is to increase the security< and privacy of the electronic data as well as improved usability. We will be able to provide our customers with purely web-based access via HTTPS instead of using a dedicated SFTP client.

During the final step of the upgrade process, the Secure File Server service will be not available for a maximum of 24 hours. We will notify you of this event using another NEWS entry on our web site. 

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