02 Aug 2018
PTP – Precision out of the box

Today we want to draw your attention to out syn1588® VIP Evaluation Board Revision 3. We not only re-worked the electronics we also changed the whole kit to make it even more suitable for your timing applications.


The syn1588® VIP Evaluation Board Revision 3 comes in a small, elegant suitcase and contains:

  • the syn1588® VIP Evaluation Board Revision 3
  • a universal USB power supply for powering from mains
  • USB cable for attaching the unit to a PC or powering from mains
  • wooden USB power bank
  • wooden USB stick holding all the documentation and software
  • SFP fiber transceiver modules (short and long range)
  • GPS antenna

This kit enables you to use the precise syn1588® clock synchronization everywhere. Even if there is just a network connection but no power supply.

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