03 Aug 2017
syn1588® VIP Evaluation Board Revison 3

The Revision 3 of the syn1588® VIP Evaluation Board is available right now.


The syn1588® VIP Evaluation Board had been fully re-worked. A new faster and larger FPGA device is used allowing higher clock frequencies and thus even better resolution and accuracy. A faster, more powerful on-chip CPU has been added allowing to run the latest version of the famous syn1588® PTP Stack. User selectable Ethernet network interfaces have been foreseen to alternatively allow standard copper RJ45 interface or a SFP based fibre interface. A on-board jitter cleaner PLL allows the generation of low-jitter frequency signals in the range from mHz to 156 MHz. Additionally analog video sync signals can be generated as well. A simple on-board GPS receiver completes the new feature set.

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