07 Aug 2013
syn1588® PTP Stack supports Linux PTP Hardware Clock Interface

Oregano Systems released a new version of the syn1588® PTP Stack with native support for the Linux PTP Hardware Clock (breifly referred to as PHC) interface. PHC is a Linux kernel feature which offers APIs for user space applications as well as for drivers to control, monitor and adjust hardware clock devices (e.g. Oregano Systems‘ syn1588® PCIe NIC). 


In combination with the SO_TIMESTAMPING socket option introduced in kernel version 2.6.30 it is possible to use the syn1588® PTP Stack with any Network Interface Card with built-in IEEE1588 functionality (assuming that the driver supports the PHC interface as well as the SO_TIMESTAMPING socket option). Vendors like Intel Corp. or Broadcom Corp.offer a wide range of different network adapters supporting IEEE1588 functionality in hardware. 


With the new version of the syn1588® PTP Stack Oregano Systems offers a well proven and reliable protocol stack to use all PTP related features of these adapters.


For more information about driver requirements, supported kernel versions and supported network cards, please contact Oregano Systems.

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