30 Jul 2012
syn1588® PTP Stack – Statistic Output

Oregano Systems‘ syn1588® PTP Stack offers starting with it’s Q3/2012 release a new statistic output. The syn1588® PTP Stack implements the PTP protocol as defined in the IEEE1588-2008 standard. It supports both multicast and unicast operation.


Beside the well known log output with configurable verbosity level the new statistic output enables the user to trace and verify the quality of clock synchronisation in the system during run-time using a different view. The statistic output is generated in CSV format (comma separated value). This simplifies generating graphical analysis reports. One can easily import this data e.g. in Microsoft’s Excel.


The statistic output includes the following information:


  • ID of selected IEEE1588 master
  • Average offset local clock to master (ns)
  • Standard deviation of local clock to master offset (ns)
  • Maximum offset (ns)
  • Minimum offset (ns)
  • Average path delay (ns)
  • Standard deviation of path delay (ns)
  • Maximum path delay (ns)
  • Minimum path delay (ns)
  • Number of Delay response messages since last statistic output
  • Time difference to last s

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