19 Jan 2012
syn1588® Hardware supports IP V6

Oregano Systems is prepared for the future of IP based communication. The „new“ IP standard IP V6 as defined in RFC 2460 is already supported by the syn1588® hardware. Actually IP V6 is not brand new. It had been introduced in 1998. Nowadays first industry segments are starting to implement IPV6 networks. We expect increasing demand for IEEE1588 solutions based on IP V6 for the next years.


The main difference from the perspective of IEEE1588 clock synchronisation is the „huge“ IP address and thus the larger IP header that need to be processed. Oregano Systems‘ programmable timestamping units are ready to process IP V6 PTP packets without any change.


The following syn1588® hardware fully support IP V6 in 2-step mode:


  • syn1588® PCI NIC
  • syn1588® PCIe NIC
  • syn1588®Clock_M IP core
  • syn1588®Clock_S IP core

The support for 1-step mode will be added in Q2/2012. If you’ll require an IEEE1588 PTP Stack that suppports IP V6 as well please contact Oregano Systems support.

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