14 Jun 2024
syn1588® Dual NIC Further Enhanced

After adding a brand-new member to the syn1588® product portfolio – namely the syn1588® 10G NIC – today Oregano Systems announced a new revision of the syn1588® Dual NIC.

The syn1588® Dual NIC is a standard 100/1000 Mbit PCI Express Ethernet network interface card offering two SFP type network interfaces. Both network interfaces are enhanced to provide highly accurate clock synchronization via the IEEE1588 standard. The syn1588® Dual NIC provides all real-time functions required for an IEEE1588 node to operate in both master and slave modes.


The syn1588® Dual NIC Rev 3 is based on the new structure recently introduced with the syn1588® 10G NIC. A new FPGA device from Lattice Semiconductor (CertusPro-NX device) is now used, offering low power consumption as well as greater logic complexity. This allows for more features to be added to the syn1588® Dual NIC Rev 3 in the future. The new, even more stable oscillator types and the on-board clock distribution introduced with the Revision 2.3 of the syn1588® PCIe NIC are utilized here as well.


The syn1588® Dual NIC Rev 3 initially comes with support for Linux OS only. Windows support will be added soon. Additionally, variants of the syn1588® Dual NIC Rev 3 supporting PRP, HSR, or 100BASE-FX interfaces are planned for the near future.

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