13 Jun 2024
syn1588® 10G NIC - A 10 Gbit PTP-enabled NIC

Today, Oregano Systems proudly announces a brand new member of its syn1588® product portfolio: the syn1588® 10G NIC.


The syn1588® 10G NIC is based on the proven architecture of the syn1588® PCIe NIC Revision 2.3 and utilizes an advanced FPGA device from Lattice Semiconductor (CertusPro-NX device) that offers 10 Gbit capability. This Network Interface Card is designed to provide 10 Gbit connectivity with a focus on high precision and low latency for PTP nodes in high-speed networks, particularly valuable in environments where 1 Gbit network ports are no longer available.


The syn1588® 10G NIC brings the same comfort and functions that our syn1588® NIC customers are accustomed to, now into the 10 Gbit domain. Thanks to the new FPGA device, the power consumption is kept extremely low, eliminating the need for special cooling measures such as heatsinks or fans – the syn1588® 10G NIC stays truly cool.


While the syn1588® 10G NIC is a brand new product, it leverages the well-established syn1588® IP cores, proven for network line speeds up to 100 Gbit. For instance, the IMS-PSX210 from our owner Meinberg Funkuhren utilizes the same syn1588® technology. Naturally, some enhancements are required for a high-performance PTP Grandmaster.


Experience the future of time synchronization with the syn1588® 10G NIC. For more information and assistance with integrating it into your network project, feel free to contact us – we are always here to help.


For further information, please refer to our syn1588® 10G NIC Brief Datasheet.

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