01 Apr 2015
Research Project – HiProSync

The highly accurate and reliable synchronization of distributed systems based on local, synchronized clocks is key for many modern, large-scale IT systems such as smart grids, mobile communications infrastructure, factory automation, traffic control systems, or financial services.


In contrast to previous approaches, the goal of HiProSync is to achieve robust and accurate synchronization only in the end nodes. They are extended by a synchronization logic (Clock Engine) that synchronizes to multiple reference clocks (master clocks) at the same time. The various references and connections are continuously monitored and evaluated for their quality.


On One hand this approach allows to efficiently synchronize large networks for which the existing network infrastructure must not be changed, and secondly to reliably identify and compensate for incorrect time information without even temporary loss or degrading of synchronization.


This research project is performed in cooperation with CISS – Center for Integrated Sensor Systems of the Danube University Krems.


The research project HiProSync (High Precision and Robustness in network-based Clock Synchronization, FFG 848467) is supported by FFG within the bridge programme BRIDGE 1.

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