14 Oct 2020
redSync: Fully Redundant Synchronization for PTP

Over the recent years, PTP has matured to a reliable clock synchronization technology and is now considered even for mission-critical applications. For such use cases significant improvements of the basic redundancy are called for to tackle several limitations of PTP. Rather than processing PTP messages from only a single PTP Grandmaster a PTP Slave can be configured to accept time information from more than reference. However, the PTP Slave has to decide which time source to use to synchronize its local clock. Our new syn1588® redSync tool takes care of precisely this task.


RedSync continuously monitors all PTP feeds by communicating with the different PTP stack instances. It uses a number of different criteria to dynamically select the best source and enables it to adjust the clock. Aside from a complete loss of the PTP Grandmaster the PTP Slave is now able to cope effectively with a number of more complex error conditions.


RedSync will be part of the new release of the syn1588® PTP Stack made available to our customers with October 2020. For further details on redSync please refer to the redSync application note.

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