01 Jan 2018
PTP Client Software Powered by Oregano Systems

Right before the Christmas holidays, our partner Meinberg Funkuhren announced their brand new PTP client software. The PTP client software allows IEEE1588-2008 based clock synchronization on selected Intel processor-based systems for Windows and Linux. 


Oregano Systems‘ syn1588® technology, namely the syn1588® PTP Stack, powers this new PTP software. The key features of the PTP Client Software are:


  • PTP Client allows to synchronize the time of Microsoft Windows and Linux servers and desktop PCs
  • Installer for Microsoft Windows available
  • On Windows, a graphical user interface allows the user to check the status and change the configuration
  • Supported networks: Ethernet IEEE 802.3, IPv4 and IPv6

Read more details in Meinberg’s news section.

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