22 Oct 2020
Oregano Systems uses new MEMS oscillator technology

OCXOs (Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators) are unmatched in terms of timing accuracy and stability. Among other things, they are critical components for the reliable operation of all communication networks. Oregano Systems uses OCXO oscillators for all high-stability syn1588® applications. However, quartz-based OCXOs are extremely sensitive to disturbances from the environment, such as vibrations, temperature changes and shocks.


MEMS oscillators may overcome these limitations. That’s why we decided to switch to a new family of thermally controlled MEMS oscillators from SiTime to replace our existing OCXO solutions. We will achieve even better performance using these new high-stability oscillator types at the same price.


During this summer we run intensive long-term tests using these new MEMS oscillators. As of today, we already started to deliver the first syn1588® products with the new MEMS oscillators. If you are interested in all the technical details of the oscillators used in our syn1588® products feel free to contact Oregano Systems’ support. We can provide you with the full data sheets upon request.

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