19 Apr 2016
Oregano Systems and the new SBE Broadcast Engineering Handbook

Oregano Systems gives insights to NTP and PTP for the new SBE Broadcast Engineering Handbook.


At the NAB 2016, currently held in Las Vegas, the SBE – the Society of Broadcasting Engineers – held a press conference presenting the new SBE Broadcast Engineering Handbook


This encyclopedic resource offers complete coverage of the latest broadcasting practices and technologies. Written by a team of recognized experts in the field, the book thoroughly explains radio and television transmission systems, DTV transport, information technology systems for broadcast applications, production systems, facility design, broadcast management, and regulatory issues.


Oregano Systems is proud to announce that Nikolaus Kerö was asked to contribute a chapter on highly accurate clock synchronization over Ethernet describing the principles of PTP and NTP, thus providing valuable information about this new technology to broadcasting engineers, who are about to move from a traditional SDI based infra-structure to an all-IP Studio. The handbook is available online via Amazon or McGraw Hill Education.


If you require more information on clock synchronization for broadcasting applications, please contact us directly. Upon request we are more than happy to provide you with a white paper on ST-20591/2 use cases.

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