14 Nov 2011
Oregano @ STAC Meeting

On Nov 7th 2011 Oregano Systems presented new results on high accuracy clock synchronization on system level during the most recent STAC Summit held in London. STAC (the Securities Technology Analysis Center LLC) is a vendor-neutral specialist in high-performance capital markets technology supporting end-user firms to understand the performance of their existing systems and of new technologies they may wish to adopt. It also helps vendors to generate leads and accelerate sales cycles by getting credible performance metrics in front of interested buyers. 


Oregano Systems succeeded in developing new hard- and software allowing to synchronize a CPU-clock of any ix86-host to an external time reference within less than 500 ns.
The syn1588® PCIe network interface cards are used by STAC to distribute time information for their various test beds. For more information on IEEE1588 for the financial industries please contact us.

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