24 Oct 2016
New: The syn1588® NIC Box

Today Oregano Systems announced the new syn1588®NIC Box; another member of the syn1588® product family. The syn1588® NIC Box further eases the process of setting up high accuracy clock synchroniation systems. A ready-to-use clock synchronization solution without any install operation; just plug-in the device into your network.


The syn1588® NIC Box is a highly versatile, high performance PTP node capable of delivering a variety of precise timing signals. Aside from a standard 1 pulse per second, two arbitrary frequencies as well as an IRIG-B signal can be generated. It is designed to receive or transmit timing information over an Ethernet network using the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) defined in IEEE 1588-2008. The device is based on a compact 1U 19” rackmount unit housing up to two syn1588® PCIe NIC for precise timing information.


Due to its support for all common PTP profiles and features, the syn1588® NIC Box can be used for any application requiring precise timing information. No matter if the device is used as a PTP slave generating timing signals or as a PTP master distributing time information, it always fulfills even the highest requirements.




  • Master and Slave capable PTP Node compliant to IEEE 1588-2008
  • IEEE 1588 hardware timestamping with 4 ns accuracy
  • Support for the following PTP profiles:
    o Default
    o Broadcasting: AES-67 and SMPTE ST2059-2
    o Power: IEEE C37.238-2011 and IEEE C37.238-2014
    o Telecom: T.REC-G.8265.1 and T.TEC-G.8275.1
    o IEEE 802.1AS
  • 4 programmable I/O signals accessible via SMA jacks:
    o 1 PPS (input/output)
    o Arbitrary frequency (output)
    o IRIG-B000 (input/output)
  • Connectivity to an external GPS receiver
  • Intuitive web interface for remote configuration
  • Extensive measurement capabilities for PTP networks:
    o Performance monitoring via PPS measurement
    o Network load analyzer



  • 2 PTP interfaces with 8 programmable I/O pins
  • Video sync signal generation for broadcasting applications
  • Oscillator options:
    o TCXO (default)
    o OCXO
  • 1000BASE-X (fiber) mode using SFP type interface

You can download the advance brief data sheet (PDF file) of the syn1588® NIC Box here.


The syn1588® NIC Box will be available in Q1/2017. Please contact Oregano Systems for further information about the syn1588® NIC Box.

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