16 Apr 2013
New Shipping Box

The brand new Oregano Systems shipping box is a stylish yet simple alternative to traditional packaging for electronic components. Although its color is a decent white the packaging is actually green.


We do care about our environment. There is just one earth for all of us. The Oregano Systems shipping box is made of recycled paper – and it is fully recyclable again. Just a minimum of plastic materials mandatory for ESD compliant packing of electronic components is used.


The Oregano Systems shipping box will be used for all shipping of our syn1588®VIP and syn1588® NICs as well as the VoIP Intercom II PoE product.



  • A single package for differently sized modules (60×120 mm to 100×160 mm)
  • Maximum stability to protect electronic components during shipping, without the need for fillers or foam
  • Quickly and easily straightened
  • High value according to the quality of the products
  • Clear, strong design without frills
  • Especially for marketing purposes at trade shows: high recognition value
  • Space for an optional USB stick in a prominent place

Why this carton packaging?


“ Whenever possible Oregano Systems tries to minimize waste using raw materials sparingly. This new package is perfectly in line with our philosophy, while emphasizing the high standards we seek to achieve for our products.”


The Oregano Systems shipping box has been designed by Gerlinde Gruber/kopfloch.at


  • New Shipping Box
  • New Shipping Box
  • New Shipping Box
  • New Shipping Box

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